Company History

In 1969, Wayne Kalayjian began developing veterinary supplies in his Long Beach, California design office. He was working with his brother-in-law, Willard Ommert, DVM, on the development of a sterile swab that could be used on brood mares to determine if they were contaminated with bacteria, which would curtail conception.

Mr. Kalayjian and Dr. Ommert found few similar products. They spoke to various people in the industry, but it was Dr. Ommert that provided the most valuable information needed to create the culture instrument that other veterinarians would desire for use in the field.

After an initial stainless steel device was designed, which was too rigid, Mr. Kalayjian developed a more flexible plastic version. The swab was so well thought out, designed and manufactured that it has only been subject to minor changes since it was first developed.

Over the years more items were added to the product line as veterinarians and distributors alike requested various items with the Kalayjian Industries quality. Our stomach tubes and infusion pipettes have long been part of the products distributed worldwide over the years.

We now offer a polyester guarded culture instrument. Initally designed for the bovine industry for the testing of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), the polyester guarded culture instrument is now being used for a number of applications.

Wayne Kalayjian has always known the value of family, and has worked to balance both work and family throughout his life. He inspired his daughter, Pat Kalayjian Hunter, to become involved in the business. In the early 80's, Pat became president of the family business and has been involved in it’s growth and continued success during the years. The third generation is now becoming involved with the business. Jill Tangredi, Wayne's granddaughter is working closely with Pat to continue to manufacture quality products for years to come.


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