Veterinary Stomach Tubes

Image of Veterinary Stomach TubeMade of the finest grade of medical vinyl tubing available for excellent flexibility in all climates. Rounded at the entry end for ease of passing, and fitted with a specially molded blue funnel medication end. The Stomach Tube is transparent with a long life expectancy, and is easy to clean.

Available in four sizes for large animals:

  • KI-100 Foal Equine 3/8' x 7'
  • KI-200 Small Equine 1/2’ x 9’
  • KI-300 Medium Equine 5/8’ x 9’
  • KI-400 Large Equine 3/4’ x 10’

Also in 2 canine sizes:

  • KI-600 Small 3/8’ x 3 1/2’
  • KI-700 Large 1/2 x 4 1/2’

The metric stomach tube sizes are as follows:

  • KI-100 9.5 mm x 213.3 cm
  • KI-200 12.7 mm x 274.3 cm
  • KI-300 15 mm x 274.3 cm
  • KI-400 19.1 mm x 304.8 cm


  • KI-600 9.5 mm x 109.7 cm
  • KI-700 12.7 mm x 137.2 cm


KI-450 Stomach Pump Nipple Adapter

If the use of a stomach pump is desired, the KI-450 Nipple Adapter may be pushed onto the pump discharge nozzle. Any of our six stomach tubes can be attached freely.


Guarded Culture Instrument

guarded culture instrumentRegarded as the finest for: uterine, pharyngeal, nasal and bladder cultures. For cultures of any deep body cavity where guarding is necessary to avoid swab contamination. A patented guarded tip totally covers the end of the outer sleeve, preventing contamination of the sterile swab during passage. Available in cotton or polyester.

plastic swab and containerThe specially made plastic swab is highly resistant to accidental breakage. However, it can be broken into transport media for holding when cultures are taken outside of the clinic. The Guarded Culture Instruments are individually packaged and certified USP Sterile.

Also available, a six inch polyester swab in its own transport tube.



Infusion Pipettes

infusion pipetteThe KI-2200 Sterile and KI-2250 Non-Sterile Infusion Pipettes are manufactured from the highest grade polystyrene. Designed with a special rounded end for a easy insertion. A flexible adapter fits snugly to any size syringe. Both infusion pipettes are 22 inches in length. The sterile KI-2200 is individually packaged and certified USP sterile. Both the KI-2200 and the non-sterile KI-2250 come in packages of 25 pipettes each.infusion pipette broken into two pieces






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